New SciFi Novel from Emmanuel Arriaga!

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My longtime friend Emmanuel has published his first novel! Author Emmanuel M. Arriaga gives readers an adventure of epic proportion in his sci-fi space opera Foundra: The Rift War. Immortals Lanrete, a founder of the Huzien Empire he helped to build more than eighty thousand years ago, and Soahc, a Cihphist magic wielder, find themselves at the center of an apocalyptic war. An ancient being known only as Sagren is accidentally released from its prison after five-hundred-thousand-years of captivity.

PaleMoon on BSD (Moonstrap!)

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My friend and co-worker Rainbow has been working on a bootstrap script for the PaleMoon browser. A fork of the Firefox browser, with optimizations for light weight and speed, PaleMoon might be just the thing you need for your older hardware. Help with testing and go grab Moonstrap on GitHub. Tweet

New Keyboard Day

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After a few months of waiting, my official introduction to the world of mechanical keyboards has finally arrived. Its a TEX Yoda with Cherry MX Black switches. The main draw for me with this keyboard was the TrackPoint support, I like having my familiar ThinkPad style keyboard everywhere. I never would have imagined just how good this keyboard could be. The heavy actuation of the black switches feels so much better than the squishy keys on my work laptop and my MK710 wireless keyboard set, and the TrackPoint style pointer seals the deal.

Seasons Greetings. (Bah Humbug.)

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This is my general perspective on the holiday season. All the running around, the horrid music about a fat man and some pine trees, and the very idea of decorating…uugh. Still, to all those who don’t share my outlook on the season, Merry Christmas…and try to remember it’s not about stuff. Tweet

Yet Another Minecraft Server (YAMC)

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My pal Alex ( came up with a bonkers idea for a Minecraft server. Seeing as I want more excuses to produce some video content, I conned him into agreeing to do a Lets Play series. We’re going to start things simple, with a walkthrough of the server creation process. It’ll be a hardcore server, which means I’ll be spending a lot of time dead, but that might make for some interesting footage.

Troubleshooting, AKA why the hell won’t it work.

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Last night, I was coerced into helping a work colleague take care of some work on his car. We’ll call him Alex, because…well, that’s his name. (Coerced may have been too strong a word. I might have jumped at the opportunity.) Our tasks for the evening included replacing the rear deck lid tail lamp. With parts and a printed out guide in hand, we got to work. Prior to pulling out the old tail lamp, I suggested we test the new one, in order to avoid mounting the thing and finding that it wasn’t functional.

Tech world keeps changing…

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IBM is exiting the server business, HP is splitting up…I’m not sure I like this new age in tech. Next thing you’ll tell me is that Microsoft Windows isn’t the dominant operating system. What? What’s that? People are buying Android and ChromeOS instead of Windows PC’s? That does it. I quit. Tweet

Sans Smartwatch, Day 1

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It’s already starting to get to me. My Galaxy Gear developed a reluctance to turn on during my weekend away from work. I’m preparing to ship it off to Samsung for repair, but while I wait for things to be resolved, my wrist is unadorned. I won’t be able to ship it off until I return from work this week, so I’ll be without my Gear for a few weeks at best.

SSH isn’t for everything

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Note to self: Don’t make critical networking changes over SSH. I’m walking through setting up KVM on my home workstation, and I mindlessly executed a command to create a bridge connection. Immediately, my SSH session dropped. I read one line further in my doc and. “To bring up your bridge, you just have to issue  # ifup br0 and it’ll bring up the other necessary interfaces without anything in your interfaces file about the bridged interfaces.

Paying (too much) for software

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I’m not against paying for good software, especially on a platform that I use regularly. Every time I try to solve a problem with OSX, however, there seems to be a hefty price tag. Adding on the ability for windows to open in the same location every time will cost me 15 bucks, enabling features for my USB mouse would cost me $20. I guess I can understand the high prices, considering the fees associated with being an Apple developer, but I thought that developer program fees only applied if you wanted your app in the Mac App Store.