Memespeak in the Tech Industry

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I love my job. I really do. I work with a highly skilled group of people, doing some very interesting things with computers. I do have one complaint. One small, minor complaint. This seems to follow me wherever I go, be it a helldesk, MSP, or a hosting company. MemeSpeak. I really can’t stand it. All of the doge-memes, the “moar” this, or “much” that, needs to stop. I admit, I chuckle at the occasional meme.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Review Preview.

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I finally upgraded my phone, got with the times. Android has finally tempted me away from good old WebOS. I do intend to share a full review/thoughts on my Galaxy Note 3 at some point in the very near future, but I’m trying to get accustomed to all the new features now available to me. In the process of my experimentation with the new device, I started fiddling with a feature that I’ve never really used on any of my other phones – the camera.

Imports, a page move, and so much more.

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My Current Setup Well, I’ve been away for awhile. Anyone who actually visited this page (not many of you did) probably found out that I tried to venture out on my own in business. Since that’s now under my company name (yep, I’m a CEO), this old domain can go back to doing what it was meant to do in the first place. A semi-occasional listing of my rants about technology will appear here on a regular basis, accompanied by pictures, videos, or whatever else I feel like.

ChromeBook Evolution.

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Google’s ChromeBooks got some nifty new features in the latest update, including Netflix support, and the long awaited Citrix Reciever. The inclusion of Citrix Reciever is a very exciting development for me, as my school runs most of the application environment from a Citrix presentation server. I’ll give it a solid run once I get home and see if it’s ready for prime time. References: Tweet

A Compelling Best Buy Visit

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While out shopping the other day, just before stopping at my favorite fast food restaurant for lunch, I breezed into my local Best Buy for a look around. I’ve been wanting to play with some modern day Android tablets, not to mention the BlackBerry Playbook, so I thought this as good a chance as any. I ran into a sales rep in the tablet area while fondling a fairly nice HTC unit – he gave me a demo of the tablet’s pen functionality, which certainly gives it a leg up on most of the other Android tablets on display.

Google IO – Chrome Keynote

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We didn’t get a whole lot of new news out of the Chrome keynote. Lots of praise for the browser itself early on in the show, the way it handles graphics is still fairly impressive. The Angry Birds announcement came as a bit of a surprise to me, and a pleasant one at that. However, the big news is the impending release of two ChromeBooks. The first unit, the Samsung Series 5, doesn’t deviate much from the reference layout of the CR-48.

Google I/O Keynote

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Wow. Just wow. Google just made everything in the tablet and phone space look obsolete. The iPad looks outdated in comparison, and I don’t even want to think about how much ground every other platform has to make up. When I attended the HP keynote earlier this year announcing the TouchPad, they didn’t convince me that I needed a tablet. Sure, I want a Touchpad, because it’s “neat” but I could easily do without it.


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Today is mother’s day, and in the spirit of the day, I intend to share the story of how my mother inadvertently created The Tech Stewart you know today. December, 1995. My mother was trekking out in a Philly winter, to purchase her son his first real, modern computer. We couldn’t really afford a computer at all, but Mom didn’t skimp – she came home with a top end Packard Bell Multimedia 110.

Ubuntu 11.04

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Five days after my initial upgrade process to 11.04 on my primary laptop, I’ve gotten things back to the way I like them. I’m still working on getting my fingerprint reader working under 11.04, but all my UI elements are exactly how I prefer them. That’s right, I’m back to good old Gnome. I hate to say it, but even after all the hard work that went into Unity, it simply doesn’t fit the way I work on the Thinkpad.

Ubuntu 11.04 is here.

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It’s upgrade day for the scores of people using Ubuntu, one of the most popular Linux distros out there. I’m beginning to realize that I should have gotten in on the updating frenzy earlier, but what the heck, I’ve got all day. If you’re looking to try it out for the first time, I would recommend using one of the official torrent links. I can only imagine that Canonical is getting hit pretty hard for downloads today.