Paying (too much) for software

1 minute read Published:

I’m not against paying for good software, especially on a platform that I use regularly. Every time I try to solve a problem with OSX, however, there seems to be a hefty price tag. Adding on the ability for windows to open in the same location every time will cost me 15 bucks, enabling features for my USB mouse would cost me $20. I guess I can understand the high prices, considering the fees associated with being an Apple developer, but I thought that developer program fees only applied if you wanted your app in the Mac App Store. Both of these are splendid apps, honestly, and if it weren’t for the fact that this is just a work computer I’d probably buy them, but more than ten bucks to get a feature that’s already there on my Linux laptop is a bit steep.

I guess living in the OSX ecosystem is a pricy thing, no matter what.