Sans Smartwatch, Day 1

2 minute read Published:

It’s already starting to get to me. My Galaxy Gear developed a reluctance to turn on during my weekend away from work. I’m preparing to ship it off to Samsung for repair, but while I wait for things to be resolved, my wrist is unadorned.  I won’t be able to ship it off until I return from work this week, so I’ll be without my Gear for a few weeks at best.

I didn’t realize just how jarring it would be to not have a watch on my wrist.  Admittedly, I’ve been a watch wearer long before the smart kind came along.  My trusty Armitron wristwatch managed to develop a flat battery since my Gear took over as my primary wristwear, and I didn’t think to grab an alternative while headed out the door to work, so I’m left watchless.  I find myself looking at my wrist a lot, wondering why the time doesn’t magically appear.  This is going to get old after a few days.

In addition to the jarring lack of time, I’m slowly beginning to notice just how dependent I had become on the alerts provided to me by the Gear.  I’ve gotten used to having a caller ID and email heads up notifications on my wrist, available at a convenient glance.  While driving to work today, I actually started getting frustrated at the frequent notifications from my phone.  Were they important?  Was it just so-and-so updating Twitter?  How could I possibly know!  With my Gear, the information was a mere glance away, which comes in handy during my three hour commute to work.  Losing my convenient media remote hurts worst of all, though.  I can’t just tap my wrist when a song comes on that I don’t like.

Anyway, this is Day 1 without my smartwatch.  I’m already feeling withdrawl.